By KEN COLLINS   Ken Collins

Have you seen a Content Security Policy error like this when trying to bookmark pages on

This error is due to GitHub being awesome and really locking down their site to protect against things like cross site scripting (XSS) attacks. GitHub's particular CSP strictly forbits remote JavaScript being injected into their pages which is what our HomeMarklet does.

Today we have deployed a change that detects errors when loading bookmarklet resources and uses a backup strategy by redirecting your browser to We do all the work and detect the URL you came from along with the page title. Just bookmark away like normal and we will take you back to the place you started.

Reinstall Your Bookmarklet!

Please reinstall your HomeMark-It bookmarklet for the changes to work. Follow our helpful instructions on how to do that if you have forgotten.


HomeMarks is your new todo list, internet springboard, research assistant, inspiration repository, and application launcher. Bookmarks Reimagined!
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