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HomeMark-It From Any Site

Bookmark while on the go. Organize and build your HomeMarks start page using your (HomeMark-It) browser bookmarklet. By default all bookmarks go to your HomeMarks inbox or you can add them to any existing box.

Help homemarkit browser
Installing The Bookmarklet

Browser - Once you log into HomeMarks, look toward the upper right and find the heart button in your toolbar. Now make sure your bookmark bar is visible then drag the heart icon to your bookmark bar and drop it there.

Drag To Bookmark Bar
Help homemarkit button
Show/Hide Inbox
Help homemarkit inbox

iPad - You must be logged into your HomeMarks account before proceeding.

  1. Tap inside the field once, then tap and hold for a few seconds, when you release tap Select All in the popup menu and then tap Copy.
  2. Tap the Share icon in Safari's header.
  3. Select Bookmark and change the name of the bookmark to "HomeMark-It" if needed. Tap Save.
  4. Open your Bookmark Favorites by tapping the Bookmarks icon in Safari's header.
  5. Choose Edit then edit the "HomeMark-It" bookmark by tapping on it.
  6. Paste the code you copied in step #1 into the address field below the "HomeMark-It" name. Use the (x) button to easily clear it.
  7. Select Done

Now anytime you want to HomeMark a site. Tap your Bookmarks button and touch "HomeMark-It".

#1 Copy Your HomeMark-It Code
Help ipad select all
#2 Share Icon
Help ipad share
#3 Save HomeMark-It Placeholder
Help ipad save
#4 Tap The Bookmarks Icon
Help ipad bookmarks
#5 #6 Edit & Paste HomeMark-It Code
Help ipad bookmarks2
HomeMark-It Away!
Help ipad homemark it

How HomeMarks Works

Dragging & Sorting

Bookmarks are organized within boxes that are themselves stacked within horizontal columns. Each one of these objects can be dragged by their handles and sorted to fit your organizational needs.

Bookmark Handle
Help how drag bookmark
Box Handle
Help how drag box
Column Handle
Help how drag column
Adding Boxes & Columns

Create new boxes by clicking [+] button above each column. New boxes appear at the top of each column. Add new columns by clicking the [+] button in the top toolbar. New columns appear on the left side of your screen.

Add Box
Help how create box
Add Column
Help how create column
Editing Boxes & Bookmarks

Help box popover Clicking or tapping a box's header will open its popover. From here you can customize the box's color from 18 predefined swatches. The box popover also allows you to:

  • Rename the box's title.
  • Edit its bookmark's name or location.
  • Collapse the box to save space.
  • Delete the box along with all its bookmarks.

Deleting Bookmarks & Columns

Individual bookmarks can be dragged to the trashcan where it will stay until you empty the trash. Click the [-] on the left hand side of each column's header to delete the column along with its boxes and bookmarks.

Trash Bookmarks
Help delete bookmark
Delete Column
Help delete column

Pick A Theme That Works For You

HomeMarks sports two themes. The default is our new and modern flat white. This theme is perfect for those that love Apple's iOS 7 look and feel. We also have a classic beveled black theme that legacy HomeMarks users and contrast junkies will be sure to love. Switch between them by selecting the [Settings] option within the user dropdown toolbar item. Then select either the light or dark option.

User Settings
Help settings
Flat White (light)
Help theme light
Beveled Black (dark)
Help theme dark

Let Your Fingers Do The Work

The following keyboard shortcuts can help you navigate your HomeMarks start page more quickly.

  • i - Toggle inbox panel.
  • t - Toggle trashcan panel.
  • ` - Toggle inbox/trashcan panel. Whichever was last viewed.
  • e - Empty the trash.
  • r - Refresh the page.

Browser Compatibility

HomeMarks requires a modern browser. I make no guarantee that it works on anything other than Chrome or Safari. That said, Firfox should work - but it performs horribly and may feel sluggish. If you have any problems on the latest Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer, let us know on Get Satisfaction and we will try to help.

You can make all HomeMarks link open a new browser tab. To do this, turn on Tab Links by selecting the [Settings] option within the user dropdown toolbar item and then turning on Tab Links. Not all browsers support tabs. Those that do not will open a new window when Tab Links is enabled.